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Published on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 07:03
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Find your pioneering spirit and follow in the path of Queensland’s famed explorers when you travel westward on The Westlander. From Brisbane, The Westlander is an overnight journey that takes you across the towering mountains of the Great Dividing Range through the lush green countryside of the Darling Downs, and out to Charleville. On arrival in Charleville you’ll board a coach connection to Cunnamulla with a quick stop at the pub in Wyandra on the way. Cunnamulla is a name synonymous with the outback. From the red dust to the clear blue skies and the coffee coloured waters of the Warrego River, Cunnamulla has evolved from a pioneering outpost, to a thriving township that has survived against all odds. You will have amazing opportunities to meet the local people and see native flora and fauna that just can’t be found in the bigger centres.


Route: Brisbane to Charleville with coach connection to Cunnamulla

Distance: 977km

Frequency: Twice weekly

Departs Brisbane - 19:15 Tuesday & Thursday & Arrives Cunnamulla 14:35 Wednesday & Friday.

Departs Cunnamulla - 15:05 Wednesday & Friday & arrives Brisbane 11:15 Thursday & Saturday.

19 hours

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