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Garlic, Herb Pesto & Cheese on Turkish








Raisin Toast




Trio of Dips with Turkish bread




Cheese Platter with fresh relish, fresh dried fruit and crackers






Soup of the Day






Served with crusty rolls






Homemade Pies






Steak pie




Steak and kinden pie




Mushy peas




Mashed potato
















2 Fillings no meat




3 fillings inc meat










Gourmet Wraps






Cajun Chicken Salad




Ham Salad










Hot Cheese Melts






Mediterranean (Chicken, sundried tomatoes, olives)




Thanksgiving (Turkey, avocado & cranberry sauce)




BB (Bacon & Banana)




Vegetarian (Low fat cream cheese, capsicum, Spanish onion, olives)




HP (Ham & Pineapple)






Pizza for one






Hawian with Ham, Pineapple and cheese




Chicken & Potato




Vegetarian with pumpkin, capsicum, red onion, sundried tomato & olives












Nachos with salsa




Nachos with beef, beans & salsa












Beef Lasagne with side salad












Quiche & Salad




Warm Thai beef Salad




Ceasar Salad




Chicken Ceasar Salad














Desert Menu

Sweets Menu


Each day an ever changing variety of tempting homemade fresh biscuits, slice, muffins and cakes are available. Please ask your waitress for today’s selection.


























Desert Menu


Treat yourself to a mouthwatering magnificently prepared and presented desert. When this sweet work of art is delivered to your table your insides will be shouting two things yum and sin.




Hot fudge brownie - Warm chocolate sauce, ice cream and cream




Macadamia, pecan and walnut individual pie - Macadamia, pecan and walnut individual pie Caramel fudge sauce, ice cream and cream




Tangy lemon cheesecake - Silky smooth on a biscuit base with fudge sauce, ice cream




Sticky date pudding - Served with mouth watering butterscotch sauce, ice cream and cream




Chocolate mud cake - Satin chocolate glaze, ice cream and cream




Out the Back Australia Café Restaurant has chosen to serve you Lavazza "Premium

Blend" coffee. To ensure you receive the best coffee every time Lavazza purchase only the best beans available from the world´s finest coffee growing regions. Only the freshest quality will be served.


$ 3,50

Flat White

$ 3,50

Short black

$ 2,50

Long black

$ 2,50

Café Latte

$ 3,70

Flavoured latte

$ 3,90


$ 2,50


$ 3,00


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with marshmallow

$ 4,20


Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

$ 4,90

Iced chocolate

$ 4,90

Iced mocha

$ 4,90



Lipton Ice Tea

$ 3,80

Soft drink

$ 3,50

Ice cream sodas

$ 4,80


$ 4,50



For the tea connoisseur Out the Back Australia Café Restaurant delivers you tranquility to the last drop with “Tea Drop” range of teas. Setting a new benchmark in tea, Tea Drop infuses tradition with innovation, combining ancient traditional blending methods with modern convenience. There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh taste of hand crafted teas and tisanes.

Cup of Tea

$ 3,00

Pot of Tea

$ 4,50


Classic Blends

English Breakfast

Specially produced for the more discerning palate, this blend is a medium strength tea, with an amber colour and full bodied flavor. Truly a good tasting tea for all traditions. Aroma: Soft & musty. Palate & Finish: Smooth & brisk.

Lavender Grey

This unique black tea is scented with exotic oil of bergamot (a rare Mediterranean citrus fruit) and aromatically accented with colorful, fragrant lavender flowers. An afternoon favorite. Aroma: Citrus scent. Palate & Finish: Floral with citrus highlights.

Signature Blends

Honeydew Green

Create a summertime cooler or a winter time summer reminder. Experience the simple pleasures of a lazy, hazy summer day with a thirst quenching blend of Honeydew Green tea, featuring a luscious burst of honeydew and the bright flavour of fresh juicy apricots. Aroma: Honeydew & apricot overtones. Palate & Finish: Luscious burst of honeydew and juicy apricots with smoky overtones of gunpowder green tea.


Malabar Chai

An ancient beverage relished for its rich, exotic flavours of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, Malabar Chai is a tantalising drink made with the finest natural ingredients. Aroma: Spicy. Palate & Finish: Full-bodied with spice.

Herbal Infusion

Cleopatra´s Champagne (Chamomile)

Chamomile flowers from Egypt are the finest for tea. Their sweet floral taste is reminiscent of apples. Cleopatra’s first choice for a calming brew on the Nile. Aroma: Soft & musty. Palate & Finish: Sweet floral taste with tones of apple.


Nestle into an intimate cove and while away a few moments, letting the delectably sweet taste of peppermint pour over your thoughts. Savour the natural goodness of our aromatic and shooting peppermint herbal infusion. Aroma: Sweet. Palate & Finish: Minty & cool.



Volker Rhein, Germany

Wer wirklich etwas von dem Leben im Outback Australien erfahren möchte, dem kann ich die 9 Tages Backpacker Tour von Outtheback Australia nur ans Herz legen. Ich habe in den 9 Tagen rund um Cunnumulla so viel vom realen Leben im Outback mitbekommen, wie auf keiner anderen Tour bisher. Meine Tour war insofern etwas Besonderes, als sie die Weihnachtstour 2011 war. Peieta und Trevor haben mir gezeigt, wie der Alltag auf Schafsfarmen aussieht und wie die Scherer arbeiten. Dabei bestand immer die Möglichkeit zum Gespräch mit den Farmern.  Überhaupt der Kontakt zu den Einheimischen und das Gespräch mit Ihnen wird auf der Tour groß geschrieben. Ein besonderes Erlebnis war es Weihnachten in Mitten einer australischen Familie zu feiern.


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