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Family Tours

Need a real family holiday?  Out the Back Australia has developed awesome family packages for you to enjoy family breaks like no other and explore the Outback on holiday with kids.  Packed with fun you’ll discover nature and wildlife like kangaroos, emu’s, birds, reptiles and more.  We specialise in adventure, nature and culture holidays to our home town in the Australian outback.  We know everyone and you’re guaranteed to feel like a local.  On you’re 2012 holidays Mum and Dad will enjoy the adventure so relax and experience the laid back atmosphere and meet local characters while your tour guides do all the work.  Best of all these great value family holidays won’t break the bank!  Choose from our three or six day family vacations option to explore, discover and experience travel with children in the outback for the best Queensland holidays you’ll look back on for years.


Family Explorer Tour - 3 Day
Take a family holiday with kids and swap the urban jungle for the colourful Queensland Outback.  Cruise the Warrego River at sunset, or paddle a kayak through the dense foliage on a guided tour, meet local characters, and wildlife including kangaroos and emus, and join the adventure at a Farm Stay visit, enjoy outdoor dining around a campfire, opal mine tour at Yowah, mud springs at Eulo, sandboarding, and discover hidden secrets about Cunnamulla on a town and industry tourGet detailed Family Explorer tour itinerary! 



Family Action Tour - 6 Day
Ditch the DS grab the kids and join our fabulous six day family holiday to experience an affordable, action packed value holiday in the Australian Outback.  No time for boredom our tour guides ensure your family breaks are fun and packed with activities and exploring everything the region has to offer.  Every day and night brings a new adventure with loads of fun nature and wildlife.  While your kids discover real freedom there is time for Mum and Dad to kick back and relax as your tour guides do all the work on these Queensland holidays.  Activities include bare foot bowls, kayaking, outdoor dining around a campfire, swinging footbridge, Wallaby Nature Walk, visit a farm stay, natural hot spa, opal mine tour, mud springs, sunset river cruise, sandboarding, Cunnamulla, Eulo and Yowah town and industry tours. Get out in the clean outback air with us for the greatest family vacations. Get detailed Family Action tour itinerary!

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Volker Rhein, Germany

Wer wirklich etwas von dem Leben im Outback Australien erfahren möchte, dem kann ich die 9 Tages Backpacker Tour von Outtheback Australia nur ans Herz legen. Ich habe in den 9 Tagen rund um Cunnumulla so viel vom realen Leben im Outback mitbekommen, wie auf keiner anderen Tour bisher. Meine Tour war insofern etwas Besonderes, als sie die Weihnachtstour 2011 war. Peieta und Trevor haben mir gezeigt, wie der Alltag auf Schafsfarmen aussieht und wie die Scherer arbeiten. Dabei bestand immer die Möglichkeit zum Gespräch mit den Farmern.  Überhaupt der Kontakt zu den Einheimischen und das Gespräch mit Ihnen wird auf der Tour groß geschrieben. Ein besonderes Erlebnis war es Weihnachten in Mitten einer australischen Familie zu feiern.


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