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Sandboard Hire



  • Large natural sand dunes or sand hills
  • Toboggan or Sandboard
  • Bird and Wildlife
  • Hire by the hour, drop off and pick up
  • Food Hampers and Beverages for Purchase
  • Adrenaline pumping adventure

Passengers: The more the merrier.

Price from:
AUD $20.00 per hour



• 4WD: seats front facing air-conditioned vehicle
• Minibus: 21 seats front facing air-conditioned vehicle

Tour Departs:

Times are negotiable.
Food hampers and beverages can be purchased to take with you to the sand dunes.  Please advise of any special dietary requirements when booking hampers.

Inclusions & options:

Hire of Sandboard or sled and wax.

FREE pick up and drop off available. Our tour guides will give you some quick pointers on how it works.

What to Bring:

Lots of drinking water (2L p.p.)


A sense of fun and adventure.


Board Hire

Board Deposit

$20 per hour

$50 per board

Bookings – Bookings are essential and times are negotiable to fit with your schedule. Confirm details at the time of booking.


Out the Back Australia 32 John Street Cunnamulla Qld 4490

Ph: +61 7 4655 1679
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: outthebackaustralia.com

More Highlights

Emu Hand native Birds
Kangaroo Nut Sun

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Tour Route Map


Tour Itinerary

Daily: Times are negotiable.

Get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping as you hit the slopes for an action packed hardcore adventure.  The natural sand dunes or sand hills located in Cunnamulla provide the perfect day tour activity for families, backpackers and all adventure seekers looking for some extra excitement in Queensland’s outback.
A unique attraction in the outback sandboards and sleds can provide for a thrilling ride down the sandy slopes and you will only be limited by your determination and stamina. 

It’s a tough climb all the way to the top but well worth the effort as you speed your way down to the bottom.  The ride will give you such a rush, you’ll want to turn around and do it all over again. 

Based on skill, this sport is similar to snowboarding – you can wind your way to the bottom or simply go full speed in a straight line.  Hire a sandboard or toboggan by the hour, with a $50 deposit (refundable on return of the equipment without damage).


"Hi Peieta, I just wanted to send you a big thank you for a fantastic week! All 5 of us agreed it was one of the best holidays that we had ever been on. The landscape was absolutely beautiful and the days were jam packed … but it was the people that made it so terrific. Leesa was made for the role of tour leader with her non-stop enthusiasm and vivacious laugh. Trevor, well what can I say except I am sure the man was born on Krypton. I would love to be at the master games to see him in the mountain bike comp! Had we been in Cunnamulla longer we would have loved to have spent more time with Chris and Michael, and with Reid and Robyn, and your family (I include Loretta in this) were so hospitable it was unbelievable! We really felt like we were visiting old friends, rather than being 'on tour'."



Volker Rhein, Germany

Wer wirklich etwas von dem Leben im Outback Australien erfahren möchte, dem kann ich die 9 Tages Backpacker Tour von Outtheback Australia nur ans Herz legen. Ich habe in den 9 Tagen rund um Cunnumulla so viel vom realen Leben im Outback mitbekommen, wie auf keiner anderen Tour bisher. Meine Tour war insofern etwas Besonderes, als sie die Weihnachtstour 2011 war. Peieta und Trevor haben mir gezeigt, wie der Alltag auf Schafsfarmen aussieht und wie die Scherer arbeiten. Dabei bestand immer die Möglichkeit zum Gespräch mit den Farmern.  Überhaupt der Kontakt zu den Einheimischen und das Gespräch mit Ihnen wird auf der Tour groß geschrieben. Ein besonderes Erlebnis war es Weihnachten in Mitten einer australischen Familie zu feiern.


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