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Our Partners

Out the Back Australia is focused on providing you with hands-on, real life outback experiences and that is why our partners are so important. Our partners are locals who have lived in the outback towns of Cunnamulla, Eulo or Yowah for generations, successfully operating their businesses or tourist attraction.

There is no better way to understand real life in the outback than to actively take part in it. Our partners will give you a real life outback experience as you become part of their world. They let you explore, taste, touch and feel the outback as you take an adventure with them into life in Cunnamulla, Eulo and Yowah - an experience you will never forget. Get more information on the best tourist attractions for your Queensland holidays!



Mike & Chris Webster – Rocky Station

Hello and welcome to "Rocky", a sheep and cattle station in the outback Australia, situated 52 km south of Cunnamulla on the banks of the Warrego River.

"Rocky" is owned by Mike and Chris Webster, and has been a family property since 1938.

You will experience our life in the outback and take a stroll along the banks of this famous inland river. Walk the unique Indiana Jones style bridge, built by Mike and his dad Les, in 1967. The bridge is 7 metres above the river bed and 70 metres long. This 43 year old wood and steel structure bridge is our only access to the outside world in times of flood. Five generations of the Webster family have used the bridge.

Join us in our homestead for a country morning tea, and hear the stories of why we live where we live. We love our way of life and feel proud and very excited to be part of "Out the Back " tours, and to be able to share our part of the west with you all.


Nan & Ian Pike - Date Farm Eulo


Another attraction of the region is the date farm in Eulo, owned by Nan & Ian Pike for over 25 years right now. Besides a range of beautiful homemade date products for body and soul, which are available in their own little store, there is also the possibility to take a mud bath. Nibbling some dried dates and cheese while having a glass of their own date wine under the stars or a cup of tea under the outback morning sun, it is easy to relax.

Worth to have a look at is also their collection of 'old stuff', which is set up in the courtyard so you can have a stroll around old saddles, lamps and working equipment.


Julie & Ian McLaren


Whenever you go on a Sunset River Cruise with Out the Back Australia, you could get the chance to meet Julie & Ian McLaren, two locals with an immense knowledge about the area and its wildlife. As the McLaren family has been living in the area for over 110 years, there is a lot the couple could tell you about before or after going on the boat cruise.

Ian and Julie developed and operated an internationally renowned bird watching experience on their property “Bowra Station” before selling to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in 2010. There is currently about eight scientists living on “Bowra Station” which offers the perfect proof to the abundance of endangered and extinct birds and wildlife that has been protected during the McLaren’s ownership and management of the property.

Sitting on the manicured banks of the Warrego River at the McLaren’s retirement home surrounded by magnificent gardens and nature you will be amazed as Ian or Julie walk over for a casual chat. Their knowledge about the wildlife around the region and former ecotourism property might be as good or better than that of a scientists that you will find ‘special and interesting’! Whenever you talk about bird watching or the wildlife in the area, it might be necessary to mention Julie & Ian McLaren.

Scott & Barb Shorten - Short & Sweet Yowah


Scott & Barb Shortens families have lived in the Yowah area for the last forty years. They have seen Yowah change from half a dozen shacks to what it is now of 147 houses. From dirt roads to get there to the bitumen sealed road they have now.

Scott & Barb offer the people on the tours a great time giving them information about the unique Yowah nut and the history of the area. They tell yarns of past and present occupants of the town provide a great morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
Scott & Barb love teaching people about the Yowah life style and the great advantages that they feel they have.


Volker Rhein, Germany

Wer wirklich etwas von dem Leben im Outback Australien erfahren möchte, dem kann ich die 9 Tages Backpacker Tour von Outtheback Australia nur ans Herz legen. Ich habe in den 9 Tagen rund um Cunnumulla so viel vom realen Leben im Outback mitbekommen, wie auf keiner anderen Tour bisher. Meine Tour war insofern etwas Besonderes, als sie die Weihnachtstour 2011 war. Peieta und Trevor haben mir gezeigt, wie der Alltag auf Schafsfarmen aussieht und wie die Scherer arbeiten. Dabei bestand immer die Möglichkeit zum Gespräch mit den Farmern.  Überhaupt der Kontakt zu den Einheimischen und das Gespräch mit Ihnen wird auf der Tour groß geschrieben. Ein besonderes Erlebnis war es Weihnachten in Mitten einer australischen Familie zu feiern.


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