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Currawinya National Park

Currawinya | Numalla Lake & Hungerford 

Currawinya Rock FormationAmongst this arid, red, harsh landscape, a fresh water lake appeared as if almost a mirage in the tar-melting heat. An aqua blue water oasis hugged by white sand and bordered with red dirt welcomed my sun kissed skin and burnt feet with a cool and refreshing embrace. Although the lake was definitely the highlight of the weekend camping trip, we also explored the old wool sheds and stopped by the Royal Mail Hotel in Hungerford for a steak ‘sanga’. With no phone reception and no other campers, this trip was definitely a welcomed opportunity to disconnect from the world for two days.

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Travel to Australia Made Simple with E-Visas

E-Visas Make Travel Easier for Business & HolidaymakersIf you ever applied for a visa, then you are most likely aware of the sometimes grueling process and long wait times involved.  Australia is taking steps to take the bite out of the procedure with an E-Visa program.  

According to a recent article, published in The Byte, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recently opened up E-Visas to citizens of 66 countries.  The E-Visa program allows visas to be processed electronically, making the procedure much more convenient and efficient.  
There is a phased global rollout planned that applies to Subclass 600 visa applications, which are for visits for business and VFR purposes, and increases the total number of countries eligible for the program to 190.  Currently, countries eligible for the E-Visa program include New Zealand, South Africa, Herzegovina, Philippines, and Bosnia. 

If you’re living abroad and planning a trip to Australia, we encourage you to check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to see if your country is eligible for the E-Visa program.  It will be one less thing to stress about, as you prepare for your trip.   
If you need assistance in planning your trip, what tours and activities to include and such, we are more than happy to help.  Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Cunnamulla Featured in Out There Magazine!

Club Boutique Hotel recently had the wonderful pleasure of hosting travel writer, Guy Wilkinson, and taking him on a tour around the Cunnamulla region.  We explored the Yowah opal mines, the Eulo Date Farm & Winery, Bowra, Charlotte Plains, Rocky Station, and more.  Along the way, Guy captured many eye-catching images with his lens.  Following are just a few that give a glimpse of the fun quirkiness and charm of the Cunnamulla region. 

Artesian Mud Springs Shack by Guy Wilkinson  Artesian Mud Baths by Guy Wilkinson 
 Les Capewell in Cunnamulla by Guy Wilkinson  Warning sign at Bowra by Guy Wilkinson
 In the mine at Yowah by Guy Wilkinson  The road to Yowah by Guy Wilkinson
 Camel sign at Charlotte Plains by Guy Wilkinson  The Artesian bore at Charlotte Plains by Guy Wilkinson
 Swing bridge at Rocky Station by Guy Wilkinson  Sheep in shearer's shed at Rocky Station by Guy Wilkinson
 Birds at Bowra by Guy Wilkinson  Wild Kangaroos at Bowra Station by Guy Wilkinson
Photos by Guy Wilkinson

Guy also wrote an article about this great adventure, which was published in this month’s Out There magazine.  Check it out for yourself – ‘Cunnamulla Calling’!

James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant

Cunnamulla Fine Dining - James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant

James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant Creates Quite a Sizzle with Outback Diners as Cunnamulla’s Top Restaurant & Hotel.

James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant @ Club Boutique Hotel is inspired by James “Hungry” Tyson, an entrepreneur who broke many records during his pastoral pursuits. On display in the restaurant is an original portrait of Tyson, painted by respected Australian artist, Michael Nicholas.

There are many great tales about James Tyson and his eccentric nature that have been passed down through the generations. James Tyson’s main set of stockyards were located on Stockyard Street, but had to be pulled down and re-located when the town of Cunnamulla was gazetted.  The grand style Club Boutique Hotel is located right on the corner of Louise & Stockyard Streets with the restaurant situated inside.

Whether you live in Cunnamulla or you are just visiting, make sure you enjoy a tantalizing meal in the James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant @ Club Boutique Hotel and see what the buzz is all about.  Our new chef is attracting foodies from far and wide, yearning to taste his delectable culinary master pieces.

New Zealand born chef, James “Jimmy” Romley, brings with him much talent and a plethora of experience creating exciting cuisine from around the globe.  Starting with a European flavor, Jimmy loves to introduce and combine a unique Asian twist, which is inspired by his childhood upbringing with Thai family members.

Culinary interest began early for Jimmy, as he entered chef training when he was only 15.  After a year of training, Jimmy began preparing quality foods at his father’s Thai and seafood smorgasbord restaurants.  True to his passion, Jimmy continued to expand his culinary knowledge, while cooking at a diversity of restaurants in New Zealand, which included food festivals, functions, private yachts, and a number of award-winning vineyards, such as Te Whau.  Te Whau was named "One of the thirteen "Finest Winery Restaurants in the World", by Wine International Magazine, 2004, London and has also been written up amongst the world’s best in the New York Times and other prestigious publications around the world.

As Jimmy’s creative talent matured and grew, so did his yearning to further explore, so he began to travel all around New Zealand and Australia for fifteen years, while working as a chef at an assortment of places, including boutique hotels for the rich and famous, restaurants, large events, such as Big Day Out, and vineyards.  Being struck by grand luck, Jimmy found his way into the music industry.  For the last two years, Jimmy has been blessed to combine his love of food with his love of music, as he has spent the summer seasons travelling with national and international bands and serving as their backstage chef, looking after all of the catering and dining needs of the bands and their entourage, which can total up to 600 people.

The most exciting celebrity Jimmy has rubbed shoulders with is Ringo Star.  He is also the oldest and more than likely, the most famous in the world.  Jimmy did a show in Auckland and flew to Melbourne for four Cliff Richard Shows.  He went up to the gym in the hotel where he was staying and Ringo turned up with his minder, jogging on the treadmill beside him.  Jimmy said, “It was very cool. We both just jogged on the treadmill and chatted for about an hour.” 
The happiest, nicest celebrities, Jimmy says, were Santana.  “They would come into the kitchen and chat about the food and take food back to the hotel they stayed in for midnight snacks.  They were always beaming, happy, asked how you were and they really enjoyed and appreciated good food.   They would ask and chat about flavors and food combinations.  It was great.”

Now Jimmy brings his fine culinary talents to Cunnamulla, at the James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant @ Club Boutique Hotel.  The hotel and restaurant boast an extensive array of wines, more than thirty craft and boutique beers, as well as specialist Australian Whiskies, which are recommended in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2014, the world’s leading whisky guide.

James Tyson Stockyard Restaurant @ Club Boutique Hotel offers fresh tasty dishes you would normally only find in city five star restaurants and is a great place for holding any type of special event or occasion.  It is perfect for business meetings, reception dinners, anniversary gatherings or birthday get-togethers. We regularly cater for large numbers, have great attention to details, and will ensure your special occasion exceeds all of your expectations with wonderful food and exceptional service.

Making a reservation is highly recommended, as numbers are limited and you do not want to be disappointed by not securing a table.  The restaurant hours of operation are from 10am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday.  Call 07 4655 1679 to make your reservation.

In Honour of Slim Dusty - Sign the Petition!

Slim Dusty, Australia’s King of Country, entertained fans in Australia and abroad with his great musical talent for more than half a century.  As the face of Australian country music for almost 70 years, Slim wrote and performed songs about real authentic Australia and shaped, molded, and evolved Australian country music into what it is today.  It was Slim who made the song, “Cunnamulla Fella”, written by Stan Coster, infamous.  Check out the Cunnamulla Fella story here

Always a great love of Australia, Slim brought such popular songs as “A Pub with No Beer”, “Lights on the Hill”, “G’Day, G’Day” and many, many more to adoring fans far and wide.  During his life, Slim was a great pride of Australia and in his death, he is a magnanimous legend.  While Slim passed away in 2003, his music still lives on and his albums continue to sell strongly to this day.  

Some of the many achievements Slim has made include:
  •  Released more than 100 albums 
  •  Sold more than 7 million records
  •  Earned more than 70 Gold and Platinum album certificates
  •  Received an MBE and an Order of Australia
  •  Chosen as an Australian Living Treasure by public vote
  •  Named Australia’s Father of the Year & Senior Australian of the Year in 1999
  •  Received 37 Golden Guitars & 2 ARIA Awards
  •  Received the ARIA Special Achievement Award
  •  Received the Ted Albert Award for Lifetime Achievement
  •  Inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame
  •  Received Australia’s first Gold Record in 1958
  •  Performed final act at Closing Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics
  •  Featured on 2 stamps in Australia Post’s 2001 Australian Legends stamp series
  •  Honoured 2 times on This is Your Life, in 1974 & 2001
In honour of Slim Dusty, his many fans are pushing to grant him a holiday, National Slim Dusty Day.  We, at Out the Back Australia, fully support this mission and request that you do your part by signing the petition.  Please visit the official Slim Dusty website and sign the petition now.  This great legend truly deserves a national day of remembrance.  We wholeheartedly appreciate your cooperation in making this dream come true!

One new German girl

I am Franzi and I just arrived some days ago for my 6-month-stay in Cunnamulla at Out the Back Australia. Although I have just arrived I had already the opportunity to see a lot of the typical Outback in Australia. I went on tour the first week with two very nice sisters from the Netherlands. We had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed our...

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Beautiful January Sunday in the outback

What a magnificent day to wake up in the outback of Queensland.  This morning in Cunnamulla it i is clear blue skies and a nice cool breeze.  The birds are out in force and I am sure the locals will also be given it is such a magnificent day.  See this Tawny Frogmouth that came to visit in our back yard.  There are in fact three of them that keep


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It is getting hot!!!

This week it is over 40 degrees and you really have trouble not to sweat. Of course air-conditions are running everywhere, so you are hopping from one cool spot to the other. What are you doing to stay cool and to get away from the heat? Are you just sitting in front of your air condition at home watching TV? Or are you


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody!!!

Good luck, health, happiness should be with you!!! We hope you are celebrating the change of the year duly.  Where are you going to be on New Year’s Eve? Are you going out with your partner? Are you staying at home with your family? Are you travelling?

2012 will be a new start so if there is anything you want to


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Christmas is over…

It is all over so fast and you have to wait for it one year again…

How did you spend your Christmas this year? Have you been visiting your family at the coast or on a property? Has your family been at your place? When did you open the presents what kind of lunch or tea did you have?

We had a really nice Christmas in the real


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Latest Update about the last Tour

Just some pictures of our wonderful sandboarding experiences on Tour!!

Latest Update about the last Tour


Latest Update about the last Tour


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Two Swedish boy's on Tour

Sunday morning 8 o’clock in the headquarter office of Out the Back Australia. The two Swedish Backpackers enjoyed a big cooked breakfast with rissoles, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and toasted bread. After the finished their morning ritual (which took about an hour, we could never imagine that boys need that long in the bathroom). 

When they


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On Tour again.

On Friday evening we started a Backpacker Tour once again. This time our nice tourists were Niklas and Klaas from Sweden.

After a welcome-dinner, they spend their first night at the Caravan Park in a huge tent. The next morning they started with breakfast before they went kayaking on the Warrego River, which both of them really enjoyed.

On Tour again.

It was


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Bus Trip

Today is another exciting day again.

This night there will be two backpackers from Sweden, arriving on the bus from Toowoomba. Their journey started already at 6:30am this morning, when they had to leave Brisbane via Greyhound. The earliest bird catches the worm. That’s it! They are catching a fabulous adventure here in Cunnamulla. At Toowoomba t


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