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3 Day Jewels of the Outback



Cunnamulla originated as a settlement in the 1860’s at the intersection of two major stock routes, one running from east to west from St George to Thargomindah and the other north to south from Charleville to Bourke.

The name of the town is derived from an Aboriginal term meaning “long stretch of water” referring to the Warrego River, which passes through the town.

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Cunnamulla Accommodation
The outback
town has more accommodation than you would expect. Camping, Luxury Hotels, Self-Contained Cabins or Low-Budget - Cunnamulla satisfies all your needs.


Cunnamulla Attractions
To discover the real Australian Outback your journey begins in Cunnamulla where there are no shows just real people living in the real Australian Outback. Get up close and personal with the local people and wildlifeTravel the remote roads and explore the small towns on your journey.  Cruise the Warrego River on a sunset river cruise, climb to the top of the natural sand dunes, soak up the therapeutic value of a natural Artesian Spa hundreds of millions of years old.  Experience real life on a working sheep and cattle property or simply lay back on the riverbank and experience nature at it best.  Embark on a pub crawl of the local watering holes, say G’day to the Cunnamulla Fella, play lawn bowls with the locals or enjoy organic lamb around the campfire with local entertainment, no matter what your interest the Outback journey begins here “Cunnamulla”.


Cunnamulla Dining Out
Your tummy will be pleased with all the different restaurants, pubs and cafes Cunnamulla has to offer.


Cunnamulla Industry
Either old-fashioned or hightech, you will be surprised what kind of industries the area is famous for.


Cunnamulla Events
Outback characters know how to make their lifes interesting. Rodeo, Horse Races, Pub Crawls or Country Music Festivals are as common as weekly Club-Meetings.


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