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Frogs of Cunnamulla

Frog lovers delight in the broad variety of frogs they can find in Cunnamulla, from the Green Tree Frog to the Peron’s Tree Frog, and even the New Holland Frog.  The region in and around Cunnamulla is a haven for frogs and other wildlife.  In just Cunnamulla alone there are more than 25 types of burrowing frogs with many more in Bowra and other areas in the Cunnamulla region.   While there is no shortage of frogs in Cunnamulla, during times of heavy rains and floods, the frog populations explode.   
Check out the above video to view images and hear the sounds of some of the frogs that can be found in Cunnamulla.
Visit our Cunnamula Wildlife page to learn more about other wildlife that thrives in the Cunnamulla region. 

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