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Cunnamulla Wildlife

Cunnamulla is a wildlife lover’s paradise. Between the fauna and the flora, there’s always something exciting to see and explore. Following is a list of the diverse range of mammals, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit the region. The letters in brackets following each name, (M), indicate the habitat in which the species is most likely to be found. This is a guide only.

Cat* (M,L,S,D,R) Felis Catus
Common Brushtail Possum (R) Trichosurus Vulpecula
Common Dunnart (R) Smithopsis Murina
Common Wallaroo (M,D) Macropus Robustus
Dingo (M,D,R) Canis Lupus Dingo
Fat-Tailed Dunnart (M,S,D) Sminthopsis Crassicaudata
Fox* (M,L,S,D,R) Vulpes Vulpes
Goat* (M,D) Capra Hircus
Gould’s Wattle Bat (M,R) Chalinolobus Gouldii
House Mouse* (M,L,S,D,R) Mus Muscalus
Koala (R) Phascolarctos Cinereus
Lesser Long-Eared Bat (M,R) Nyctophilus Geoffroyi
Little Pied Bat (R) Chalinolobus Picatus Little Broad-Nosed Bat (M,R)
Little Red Flying-Fox (M,R) Pteropus Scapulatus
Narrow-Nosed Planigale (S,R) Planigale Tenuriostris
Pig* (M,L,S,D,R) Sus Scrofa
Rabbit* (M,D) Oryctolagus Cuniculus
Red Kangaroo (M,D) Macropus Rufus
Short-Beaked Echidna (M,D) Tachyglossus Aculeatus
Stripe-Faced Dunnart (S,R) Smithopsis Macroura
Water Rat (L,R) Hydromys Chrysogaster
Western Grey Kangaroo (M,S,D) Macropus Giganteus
White-Striped Mastiff-Bat (M,L,S,D,R) Nyctinomus Australis
Yellow-Bellied Sheathtail-Bait (M,L,S,D,R) Saccolaimus Flaviventris

Barking Frog (L,R) Limnodynastes Fletcheri
Desert Froglet (L,C,R) Crinia Deserticola
Desert Tree-Frog (M,L,D,R,C) Litoria Rubella
Green Tree-Frog (M,L,D,R,C) Litoria Caerulea
Gunther's Frong (L,R,C) Litoria Latopalmata
Holy Cross Toad (M,D) Notaden Bennetti
New Holland Frog (M,L,D,C,R) Cyclorana Novaehollandiae
Ornate Burrowing Frog (M,L,D,R) Limnodynastes Omatus
Person's Tree-Frog (L,R) Litoria Peronii
Small Headed Toadlet (L,C,R) Uperoleia Captulata
Spotted Grass Frog (R) Limnodynastes Tasmaniensis
Sudell’s Frog (M,D) Neobatrachus Sudelli
Trilling Frog (M,D) Neobatrachus Centralis
Water-Holding Frog (L,C,R) Cyclorana Platycephala

Short-Necked Turtle (L,R) Emydura Signata

Beaked Gecko (M,D) Rhynchoedura Omata
Box-Patterned Gecko (M,S,D) Diplodactylus Steindachneri
Burrow-Plug Gecko (M, D) Diplodactylus Conspicillatus
Bynoe’s Prickly Gecko (M, D, R) Heteronotia Binoei
Dubious Dtella (R) Gehyra Dubia
Eastern Spiny-Tailed Gecko (M,D) Diplodactylus Williamsi
Marbeled Velvet Gecko (M,D,R) Oedura Marmorata
Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko (M,D) Diplodactylus Ciliaris
Tesseled Gecko (S, R) Dilodactylus Tessellates
Three-Lined Knob-Tail (M,D) Nephrurus Levis
Verigated Dtella (M,D,R) Gehyra Variegate

Legless Lizards
Burton’s Legless Lizard (M,S,D,R) Lialis Burtonis
Excitable Delma
(R) Delma Tincta
Hooded Scaly-Foot
(M,D) Pygopus Nigriceps

Blotch-Tailed Earless Dragon (M) Tympanocryptis Cephalus
Central Bearded Dragon (M,D,R) Paogona Vitticeps
Central Netted Dragon (M,S,D) Ctenophorus Nuchalis
Gilberts Lastail (M,R) Lophognathus Gilberti
Painted Dragon (L,S,D) Ctenophorus Pictus

Black-Tailed Monitor (M,D,R) Varanus Tristis
Sand Monitor
(M,D) Varanus Gouldii

Barred Wedge-Snout Ctenotus (M,L,S,D) Ctenotus Schomburgkii
Broad-Banded Sand Swimmer (M,D) Eremiascincus Richardsonii
Callose-Palmed Shining-Skink (M,D,R) Cryptoblepharus Plagiocephalus
Common Dwarf Skink (M,S,D,R) Menetia Greyii
Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard (M,D,R) Tiliqua Scincoides
Eastern Robust Slider (M,D,R) Lerista Punctatovittata
Eastern-Barred Wedge-Snout (M,D) Ctenotus Strauchii
Leonhardi’s Ctenotus (M,D) Ctenotus Leonhardii
Leopard Ctenotus Ctenotus Pantherinus
Pale-Rumped Ctenotus (M,L,S,D,R) Ctenotus Regius
Saltbush Morethia Skink (S) Morethia Adelaidensis
Shingleback Lizard (M,D) Trachydosaurus Rugosus
Short-Clawed Ctenotus (S) Ctenotus Brachyonyx
South-Eastern Morethia Skink (M,D,R) Morethia Boulengeri
Tree Crevice Skink (R) Egemia Striolata
Wood Mulch Slider (M,D,R) Lerista Muelleri

Blind Snakes
Prong-Snouted Blind Snake (M,D) Ramphotyphlops Bituberculatus
Robust Blind Snake (M,D) Ramphotyphlosp Ligatus

Carpet Python (R) Morelia Spilota

Front-Fanged Snakes
Australian Coral Snake (M,D) Simoselaps Australis
Bandy Bandy (M,D) Vermicella Annulata
Curl Snake (M,S,D,R) Suta Suta
De Vis’s Banded Snake (R) Denisonia Devisi
Grey Snake (R) Hemiaspis Damelii
Hooded Snake (M,D,R) Suta Dwyeri
Mulga Snake (M,D,R) Pseudechis Australis
Narrow-Banded Shovel-Nosed Snake (M,D) Simoselaps Fasciolatus
Ringed Brown Snake (M,D) Pseudonaja Modesta
Western Brown Snake (M,D,R)  Pseudonaja Nuchalis

M = Mulga
L = Lakes/swamps/rivers
S = Samphire flats
D = Dunefield shrublands
R = Riverine
C = Claypan
* = introduced species

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