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Kayak Tour

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The Warrego River, which runs through, Cunnamulla is truly an amazing place to experience everything nature has to offer.  There’s no better way to experience it than in a kayak where the sheer magnitude of this natural wonderland becomes evident.


Fitness Level:

Our friendly kayak guides are accredited with Australian Canoeing and hold both kayak and canoe accreditation. They really enjoy taking you on a journey of the Warrego River Cunnamulla to share the fun and adventure of kayaking in the outback. Every tour can be tailored to your level of fitness or skill making it a great experience for everyone. The tours are conducted at a relaxed pace and is suitable for all ages between 5 years and 80 years. No experience is required. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Tour Departs:

08:00 am - Daily

Inclusions & options:

All kayaking and safety equipment is included and a short safety talk and instruction on paddling before we start. Our kayaks are all doubles, tried and tested and chosen for their stability in the water, safety and comfort so you can enjoy this experience.

Meals – Light lunch and refreshments included in guided tour. 

Transfers/Entries – Pick up and drop off from most locations in Cunnamulla and taken to the starting point of the tour. Please confirm your pick up location at the time of booking or arrive at Out the Back Australia headquarters (Club Boutique Hotel) fifteen minutes before departure time.

24 hours notice – Bookings are essential as spaces are strictly limited.

What to Bring:





T-shirt (ideally long-sleeved) or sun shirt (rash shirt)

Additional Layer for cold/windy days

Comfortable Shorts

Footwear that can get wet

Swimmers and a towel if you want to have a swim

Storage space is very limited so please
bring only essential items


Adult AUD






Ph: +61 7 4655 1679
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: outthebackaustralia.com


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Emu Hand native Birds
Kangaroo Nut Sun

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Tour Itinerary

Explore the magnificent and mysterious Warrego River in the Outback on a guided kayak tour with a local who knows and loves this sensational creation of nature. The Warrego River has links back one hundred and ninety million years to the Jurassic period and you can get a sense of that as we paddle through the lost forest and heavily timbered areas.

Kayaking provides a unique way to experience Queensland’s outback and on this adventure you’ll feel like you are paddling the nature capital of the world as Out the Back Australia tour guides take you on a sensational journey with nature, wildlife and birds. 

An interesting fact is the Warrego River is home to the Cooper Creek turtle, one of the largest side-necked turtles in Australia. You can often see them sunning themselves on tree trunks lying across the water, however they're quick to dive back into the water if you get too close. 

The word Warrego is an Aboriginal word meaning river of sand. The river has cultural significance to local Aboriginal tribes and is in many of their dreamtime stories and ceremonies. You will be amazed as we kayak through the amazing web of channels how sandy islands are formed during flood times from the loose bed of sand moving throughout the river system.

The Warrego river has unique features and is ever-changing based on local hydrology ecology and the natural climatic conditions of the region. Many are surprised that such a beautiful river and waterholes exist amongst the western Queensland desert!

The Warrego River in Cunnamulla was also significant for the European settlers and pioneers as the permanent source of water attracted this location for the settlement of the town. With two hundred and fifteen species of Australian native birds documented in the Cunnamulla area, the Warrego River provides a natural haven and makes the perfect vantage point to experience some bird watching.

Our kayak tours offer adventure experiences with historical information commentary, with some facts even the "locals" don't know about. If you are a local, past or present, we recommend you to join in on some spectacular "holiday fun" in your own backyard, by yourself or with family and friends!  

Our kayak adventures are fun, safe and suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, so get out into the wilderness and really explore nature in Cunnamulla on one of our kayaking adventures. If you’re after adventure tourism, tranquil estuary kayaking or you’re looking at improving your kayaking techniques, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

"I must send a big thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip.  We had a wonderful time and were very well looked after.  You can be proud of yourself and your staff for a job well done.  We’d be happy to do any future trips organized by you in the future.  Take care and good luck with your new adventures."




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