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We’re fourth generation, we’re local, we know the local characters, we show you all the great spots unique and rare wildlife and we access fascinating places for travellers not accessible or open to the public.  That’s what makes Out the Back Australia day tours Australia’s leading adventure and sightseeing tour operator in the outback.
Out the Back Australia is the largest sightseeing tour company based in the outback specialising in Cunnamulla, Eulo and Yowah destinations attractions and adventure tours.  Our tours are fun and interactive our tour guides are passionate local characters and our vehicles are comfortable and safe.
Let us take you on an outback adventure to discover the secrets, meet the locals, experience the nature, wildlife and heritage for a couple of hours or a full day tourOut the Back Australia tours picks up and drops off from key locations around Cunnamulla.  View our detailed day tour itineraries to discover the best tourist attractions for Cunnamulla, Eulo and Yowah in Queensland’s outback.



Cunnamulla Sightseeing Day Tour
An Out the Back Australia Gone Walkabout Town and Industry Tour of Cunnamulla is much than a tour.  It’s, a vital link an opportunity for you to join us on a real life journey of discovery.  Experience the evolution of, eighteen thousand five hundred generations of Aboriginal culture, eight generations of settlers, one hundred million years of artesian water, and two hundred and fifteen species of Australian native birds, millions of kangaroos, rare wildlife, nature and industry that only a local could impart and access.  This adventure tour will provide you with a real insight into our integrated culture and unlock secrets of this heritage outpost giving you an understanding of the real characters in the outback.
To unlock Cunnamulla’s secrets our Gone Walkabout Town and Industry Sightseeing day tour!




Rocky Station Day Tour
Embrace this rare opportunity to experience life on Rocky Station a family owned and operated farm in the outback.  Be welcomed into the homestead and lives of these remarkable outback characters on a farm tour.  Uncover their secrets to sustainable grazing along the Warrego River and feel the passion they share for their lifestyle immersed in nature and wildlife.  To be part of this adventure is a true privilege.
Get more information on our Rocky Station Sightseeing day tour!




Sandboard Hire
Boasting spectacular sand dunes or sandhills Out the Back Australia located in Cunnamulla offers the rare opportunity to experience sandboarding in the outback of Queensland on a day tour.  Fun for young and old sandboarding requires skill and is an attraction for the adventurous traveller.  For those not interested in the adventure relish the most artistically inspired images on earth and discover this evolutionary spectacular and dynamic landform created by nature.
Get more information on sandboarding in the outback on a day tour!




Kayak Sightseeing Day Tour
Enjoy a relaxed scenic adventure on the magnificent Warrego River when you join a kayak day tour with Out the Back Australia.  Australia’s famous river the Warrego runs alongside the outback town of Cunnamulla and was named by Aboriginals.  The name means river of sand and the Royal Australian Navy also named two ships in its fleet Warrego after this iconic natural resource in the heart of Queensland’s outback.  The abundance of spectacular bird, wildlife, flora and history with commentary from our local tour guide guarantees a unique journey of discovery of one of the five major catchments in Australia.
Get more information on our Kayak Sightseeing Day Tour!




Kayak Hire
Want to paddle a kayak and explore the outback at your own pace?  Out the Back Australia has kayaks for hire.  This adventure allows you to explore the Warrego River in Cunnamulla for a few hours or a few days.  To guarantee your outdoor experience is hassle free we deliver you and the kayaks to your chosen starting point on the river, provide a map and pick you up at the end.
Get more information on kayak hire in the outback!


Opal Mine & Yowah Sightseeing Day Tour
Yowah is the only place in the world you can find a precious opal called a Yowah Nut.  A Yowah Nut is opal encased in ironstone and you have to open each nut to reveal what’s inside.  Fossicking  for your very own opal Australia’s precious national gemstone is a real adventure in the outback.  Explore Yowah the small opal mining town located 160km west of Cunnamulla in Queensland’s outback with a passionate and knowledgeable local.  Discover the secrets on a mine tour then cut and polishing your opal with the help of Yowah’s most experienced and trusted miners.
Get more information on exploring for opal in the Outback contact us!


Artesian Mud Bath
Combine the ingenious inventions and eccentricities of a local character, a wise wife, fine clays, water from the artesian basin, and you will uncover a truly unique “world class” tourist attraction the Artesian Mud Baths at Eulo. This family owned and operated business at Palm Grove Eulo has developed the outback version of the fountain of youth packaged it with genuine fun and the world’s only date wine. A must do for every traveller you simply have not lived until you complete this journey to explore eternal youth and discover your inner wellbeing with Ian and Nan Pike in the outback of Queensland.
To complete Australia’s most unique spa experience contact us!




Nightly Campfire Dinner
Immerse yourself amongst larger than life characters around a gidyea coal campfire in Queensland’s outback.  Enjoy the outback’s best three course roast dinner share stories with a drover or explore the pioneering culture of Australia with a local poet.  If you’re travelling around Australia in caravan are backpackers passing through Cunnamulla or you are on a family holiday you can’t go past this tourist attraction.  Out the Back Australia tours picks up and drops off from key locations around Cunnamulla and it is BYO so you can relax and enjoy a drink.
Get more information on the best value roast dinner and entertainment in the outback.




Sunset River Cruise Sightseeing Day Tour
Experience a sunset cruise along the Warrego River in Cunnamulla with a local charismatic tour guide who will take you on a scenic tour and tranquil adventure amongst nature wildlife and birds.  Embrace this intimate experience and capture the memories on camera.  On your journey uncover the heritage and history of Aboriginal culture, pioneering spirit and understand our shared passion for the Warrego River that plays a significant role in the cycle of life in the harsh Australian outback.
Experience an outback sunset and cruise the Warrego River in Cunnamulla.


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