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Cunnamulla Fella Song

By Stan Coster

Now I’m a scrubber, runner
and a breaker too
I live on damper and wallaby stew
I’ve got a big cattle dog
With a staghound cross
I never saw the scrubber
We couldn’t toss.

(Chorus) Cause I’m the feller from Cunnamulla,
Oh I’m the Cunnamulla feller

Now once when I was drovin’ on the cattle trails
I met a little girl her name was Ada Vale
I said “Marry me Ada and I’ll be the feller
And we’ll settle down in Augathella”.

(Chorus) Cause I’m the feller from Cunnamulla,
Oh I’m the Cunnamulla feller

Oh, she said he daddy’s name was Charley Ville
She had a lot of kiddies and a lot of bills
So I grabbed my horse
That was nice and handy and never stopped
Till I reached Dirranbandi

(Chorus) I was the dandy at Dirranbandi
Oh, I was the Dirranbandi dandy

Now in my moleskin trousers and my Williams boots
Aboard an outlaw as he leaves the chutes
In my goose neck spurs
I rake their fiery hide
And the girls all shouting round the ringside

(Chorus) Oh he’s the feller from Cunnamulla,
Oh he’s the Cunnamulla feller

Now I’ve done a little fightin’ in western bars
Done a little lovin’ neath the moon and stars
I wear bright clothes and shirts full of colour
And the girls know me as that certain feller

Oh I’m the feller from Cunnamulla
Oh, I’m the Cunnamulla feller
Yes, I’m the Cunnamulla feller
Oh, they call me the Cunnamulla feller


Cunnamulla Fella

Click video below to hear Cunnamulla Fella
sung by Slim Dusty

Cunnamulla Fella - Slim Dusty

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